Thursday, September 21, 2006

It REALLY is About the Economy, Stupid

Reading Eugene's blog, Paradoxy, last night, it struck with its stark clarity. I only hope that people who say they care about the welfare of the USA will read it.
With a handful of exceptions, the biblical authors spend far more time addressing economic matters than they do discussing sexual ethics. Those who view the Bible as authoritative would do well to rediscover that fact and to readjust their priorities accordingly.

It's sadly ironic that the Christianists who speak so loudly about saving America have given a group of cynical politicians free reign to sell our country out from beneath us, all for a little lip service to "family values." Esau at least got a full stomach in exchange for his birthright.
He has lots of good stuff about the US national debt being held by foreign sources with some very real possible grave consequences. He writes about how many conservatives falsely proclaim that the gay agenda and a departure from traditional social mores hastens our demise. Actually the cause has to do with the reckless abandon of traditional economic values.

His post is called Downfall, Part 1, which makes me wonder about the next part. Paris Hilton? The Dairy Industry? Plastic Products?


At 12:24 PM , Blogger Heath said...

Hey, Peterson-

Great post. I've always been really bothered by the role of money in a lot of churches these days. It seems like more and more churches are buying into the "prosperity gospel". It really makes me sick, actually, all these enormous, fancy churches with their big, expensive TV screens and sound systems, when that money should be going to those who need it.

The income gap in the US is growing wider and wider, and the middle class is vanishing, but a lot of Christians still support candidates who are taking advantage of the poor, while giving huge tax cuts to the rich, just because they're also against homos. It makes me so f*cking sick.

At 7:00 AM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Heath, yeah, I remember at Belvue (aka Bel Vegas), a giant church near Memphis, I tried to calculate the cost of the air conditioning for one Sunday morning service. The place is massive and kept colder than a meat locker. Everyone had to wear heavy sweaters and jackets in the middle of the summer.


At 11:58 AM , Blogger Eugene said...

Paris Hilton? I think she weighs in somewhere around Part 25...


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